AST Magazine

AST Magazine has been discontinued. Past issues are available below.

Fall 2012
Feature Articles:
AST 40th Anniversary: A Special Report
The Future of Theological Education and the Mission of the Church
Convocation 2012 / Convocation Address by Brian Stewart
Creative Coursework Leads Lisa Waites to Recording Contract with Tate Music Group

Spring 2011
Feature Articles:
Future Growth Campaign Draws to Successful Conclusion
Does Theology Matter? Speaking Biblically
Powerful Sermons Omar Khadr: A Trial
Can Students Learn Theology from Art? Wabash Center Funds AST Study

Spring/Summer 2010
Feature Articles:
God Calls Us Not to be Comfortable But to be Great
Noughtie and Nice: One theologian's list of the ten most important works of systematic theology written in the 00s
Does Theology Matter? An Answer from a Youth Ministry Perspective

Spring/Summer 2009
Feature Articles:
When Care & Capitalism Collide Why the W.H.O. Model is Wrong
Reflections on the Journey to the Promised Land: The Transformational Process of St. John's United Church in Halifax
Does Theology Matter? Lessons from the Pulpit

Autumn 2008
Feature Articles:
Does Theology Matter? A Continuing Series
Powerful Sermons Embracing Darkness
Arts & Theology Meet Photographer Margot Metcalfe

Summer 2008
A sample issue previewing some changes to our format.
Featuring a review of Convocation 2008
Lots of alumni news!

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