ASTIAA Board of Directors

The following board of directors were elected at the November 2012 biennial general meeting:
Geoff Hall (AST)
John Mills (King's College)
Aurea Sadi (AST)
Russ Small (AST)
Helen Ryding (AST)
Yvette Swan (AST)
Dianne MacVicar (Pine Hill)
Ewen Moase (AST)
Paul Carnell (AST)

ASTIAA Officers

New ASTIAA officers were elected at the ASTIAA board of directors meeting in April 2013.
President: Yvette Swan
Vice President: John Mills
Secretary: Paul Carnell

The ASTIAA board welcomes your suggestions for alumni activities, alumni profiles, and alumni workshop topics as well as any concerns or ideas you wish to share. Please send us an email at or call the Advancement office at (902)496-7943. We'd love to hear from you!