ASTIAA Distinguished Alumni Award

Call for Nominations

The call for nominations for a Distinguished Alumni Award, to be awarded in 2017 will go out this fall.

The ASTIAA board introduced the Distinguished Alumni Award in late 2012.  Do you know an ASTIAA member who is deserving of being recognized in this way? Please have a look at the criteria (see below) and consider nominating someone who stands out as being one of our most distinguished alumni. Your nomination could result in someone you know receiving the award!

The parameters for the award are as follows:

  1. Nominee must demonstrate some form of excellence in theology, ministry or social justice commitment.

  2. Nominee has made a contribution to the community at large, said contribution arising out of a commitment to God in Christ. (These may include writing, community development work, political life, preaching acumen, etc.)

  3. Nominee must be a member of ASTIAA and may be lay, commissioned or ordained.


  1. To make a nomination, complete the award nomination form. Please be clear and specific in your responses to the questions. Download the nomination form: MS Word  or PDF

  2. Mail completed nomination forms to Dawn Robertson, Manager, Communications & Alumni Relations, Atlantic School of Theology; 660 Francklyn St.; Halifax, N.S. B3H-3B5. Submissions may also be sent by email to

  3. All nominations are to be supported by two letters of professional, confidential references, submitted independently of the core application. (The nominator can provide one letter of reference and is responsible for soliciting a second one). Reference letters are to be submitted in the same manner as nomination forms (see No. 2 above).


  1. The person making the nomination must have direct knowledge of the person and work to be recognized.

  2. The person making the nomination or providing a reference shall not be a relative or spouse of the nominee.

Selection Committee

A quorum or more of members of ASTIAA Board of Directors.


The nomination form and both letters of reference must be postmarked or sent via email no later than March 1.


The first ASTIAA Distinguished Alumni Award went to the Rev. Shaun Fryday. Shaun graduated with an MDiv in 1984, and is the minister of Beaconsfield United Church on the West Island of Montreal. He is well known in the area for his work in the LGBTQ community and is involved in human rights issues at the international level. The award was presented to Shaun by ASTIAA president Yvette Swan at the ASTIAA Awards Reception held on May 2, 2014. Congratulations Shaun!