Nicholson Lectures

The Undeniable Lives of Us Sinners: For the Disappointed

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
7 p.m. / St. Columba Chapel / 634 Francklyn St., Halifax
  • How do thoughts of disappointment distress our inner lives? Whether personal or political, secular or sacred, disappointment reveals our undeniable desires. Yet disappointment also shapes the course of our undeniable lives, which go on beyond those desires. This lecture explores the distress of disappointment as a resource for awareness, growth, and gratitude.

The second lecture in this series takes place on October 26.

For more information please contact Jane Bolivar, Continuing Education Convener:

Visiting Scholar
Dr. Kathleen Roberts Skerrett, Professor, University of Richmond, VA

Kathleen Roberts Skerrett is University Professor at the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA. She completed her undergraduate education at Mount Allison University and her law degree at Dalhousie University. After receiving her Ph.D in Theology and the Modern West from Harvard University, Dr. Skerrett taught at McGill University and Grinnell College. Most recently, Dr. Skerrett has served as Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Richmond. In Fall 2017, she is teaching a course for first year students entitled Anxiety and Ethics.

The Nicholson Lectures are free and open to the public and were established in the early 1980s in memory of Dr. C. M. Nicholson, who was Principal of Pine Hill Divinity Hall from 1946 to 1971. The memorial fund was established by the Pine Hill Alumni Association, which has committed itself to the establishment of permanent funding for the lectures. These lectures are offered annually and focus on the area of homiletics. The endowment income for the Nicholson Lectures is made available through the Board of Pine Hill Divinity Hall.