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Curriculum Vitae

“We must not speak of [humanity] as though [we do not have bodily functions].” Martin Luther

Personal Statement
At this point in my professional life I choose to lay my trophies down and be part of the unknown and ambiguous. AST is offering me the gift of a vocation that I thought would forever escape me, and this ministry is a true blessing.

Research Interests
Social commentary, music in worship and proclamation.

Courses Taught
Intro Systematics, Theological Reflection, Religious Pluralism.

Representative Publications
Various book reviews and a paper on Luther’s theology of religion in Touchstone, a festschrift with Rob Fennel for our “Doktor Father,” Harold Wells. My earliest, and perhaps best, publication was on “God as the Object of Anger.”

Current Projects
The supervised ministry program with AST, and developing a set of gospel music for performance.

2 B.A.s from Waterloo, a M.Div. from Emmanuel, and a Th.D. from Victoria College, Toronto School of Theology.

Previous Positions
Pastoral ministry in The United Church of Canada since 1989, ordained in 1996. P/T supply at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. Classroom assistance from 1994-1996 at Emmanuel College.

Professional Affiliations and Activities 
Numerous Presbytery appointments including Pastoral Relations chair for 6 years. 7 years training lay licensed worship candidates. 

Folk music, gospel music, building things, canoe tripping, skiing and snowshoeing.