Financial Information for US Applicants

Tuition at AST is substantially lower than many US institutions of higher learning. The cost of living in Halifax is also lower than many US cities. Remember that the Canadian dollar costs about US $0.80 (as of February 2018).

Tuition for International (Non-Canadian) Students

2018-2019 rates, in Canadian dollars, subject to change

Tuition - Full-Time (10 credits per year)

$ 13,680.00

Tuition - One-Credit Course (3.0 credit hours)


Tuition - One year of Summer Distance MDiv program (6 credits)


Please note that all students at AST who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada pay an International Differential Fee on tuition at the rate of two times the standard tuition rate. The rates quoted above include the International Differential Fee.

For more information on fees, refer to our Tuition & Administrative Fees page.
Complete details on tuition and fees are published in the AST Academic Calendar, found on our academic resources page.


Textbook costs average CAD $100 per course.

Campus Housing Fees

Fees vary for our on-campus housing, depending on room size. Complete details are available on our Residence page.

Off-campus Housing

A one-bedroom apartment in Halifax averages $850-$1,100/month.

Financial Aid

In addition to the AST Northern Lights Scholarship, which requires an application, other forms of financial aid may be available.

    Atlantic School of Theology also offers generous entrance scholarships to outstanding MA and MDiv students. You do not need to apply separately for these awards; you will be considered when your completed degree program application package is processed. You will be notified of any scholarships awarded to you when you receive your letter of admission.
  • BURSARIES (all students)
    All students with financial need may apply for AST bursary assistance. These grants are made in the fall of each year.
  • CHURCH SUPPORT (all students)
    Please contact your home congregation/parish and local judicatory body (e.g. synod, presbytery, council, etc.) regarding any financial support that they can offer you.
    You may qualify for US federal student loans. Our US Student Loans page contains some helpful links.

Consult our Financial Assistance page for more information on financial aid.