Love This Church: Living Provocative Paradoxes

This is a promo photo for AST graduate project presentations.

Presentation Schedule

March 6
0900 Krista Anderson Where's the Money? Theft in the Church
1000 Nicole Uzans Whole Heart, Part-time: Bi-vocational Priesthood in the Anglican Church
1100 Michelle Armstrong Gathering the Puzzle Pieces: Parents of Children with Autism Talk about Faith
1300 Helen Chandler Holy Smells and Bells: Embodying Worship through the Senses
1400 Penny Nelson The Kisses of His Mouth: Sexuality and the Sacred
1500 Karen
How does a narrative approach combined with healing spiritual practices, used in a small group setting, assist individuals to move through stories of crisis to transformed stories of their lives?
March 7
0900 The Rev. Ruby Carter Taking the Plunge: Adult Baptism in the Anglican Church
1000 Shalome MacNeill Cooper iConfess: The Cruxifusion Movement in the United Church
1100 Ejike Okonkwo The New Evangelization in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth
1200 Lunch - Meet and greet the presenters