Pine Hill Divinity Hall

Pine Hill Divinity Hall’s Mission is to build up the body of Christ by supporting the education of people with vocations in ministry and thereby fostering the proclamation of the Gospel.

Pine Hill Divinity Hall, The United Church of Canada Founding Party of Atlantic School of Theology, supports United Church of Canada members pursuing study and training for ministry through its endowment fund.

We do this by:

  • Financially assisting members of The United Church of Canada preparing for ordered ministry at Atlantic School of Theology.
  • Supporting Atlantic School of Theology in offering high caliber theological education that meets the standards required by The United Church of Canada.
  • Continuing to provide support as a Founding Party of the Atlantic School of Theology.
  • Supporting public education events identified by Atlantic School of Theology.
  • Building and nurturing relationships with members of the United Church of Canada within the Atlantic Region to ensure a common vision.
  • Being responsible stewards of Pine Hill assets.

(April 27, 2007)

Contact Pine Hill Divinity Hall:
Brenda Munro
Executive Director
(902) 423-3158