COVID-19 Campus

September 14, 2021 Update: 

AST is excited to welcome students, faculty and staff back to campus for Fall term. We remain committed to ensuring the safety of our community, and requires that all students, residents, faculty, and staff coming to the campus to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible and by October 13. Students, residents, faculty, and staff who are not fully vaccinated will have to undergo COVID-19 testing twice a week.

And we strongly encourage and continue to expect students, residents, staff and faculty to follow all precautions:  

  • Maintain social distancing of two meters 
  • Wear a non-medical mask when you are not able to socially distance 
  • Wash and sanitize your hands 
  • Stay home if you are unwell or exhibit symptoms of illness, including Covid-19 
  • Become fully vaccinated, if possible, at your earliest opportunity 
  • Get tested regularly

April 28, 2021 Update:

Like many of you across Canada, our province is now seeing an increase in new Covid cases. The provincial government has today announced a period of lockdown for all of Nova Scotia and AST will comply with the new directives. Those faculty and staff who had returned to campus will move to a remote work footing. Essential staff will remain on the AST grounds and we thank them for their dedication to AST during these times.

October 19 Update:

After careful consideration and with input from faculty and students, AST has made the decision to deliver all Winter 2021 courses online only. With COVID cases on the rise across the country, online learning remains the best way to ensure the health and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and broader community.
The AST Library will remain open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm. Curbside pick-up will also remain an option during open hours. Policies on physical distancing, face masks, and regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces are in place for everyone’s safety.
We would like to thank our faculty, staff, and students for their patience and perseverance as we continue learning and teaching in a virtual environment. While we cannot yet be together in person, we are discovering that with a little creativity and ingenuity, new insights and connections can still be forged.
We continue to follow public health directives for in-person encounters, where they can occur. We are mindful of the importance of physical presence for distance education, especially as this has worked in our Summer Distance program. We will make a decision about the Summer 2021 term at a later date.

July 27 Update:

Masks must be worn on campus in all public spaces.

July 23 Update:

Chapel, music, worship activities, and academic events (including Week One)

  • These activities will take place online only until at least the end of the Fall Term.
  • Frequency and format of these activities will be determined by the appropriate group (i.e., Worship Committee, Week One Committee, etc.), in consultation with the Academic Dean

Signage and movement management 

  • Signage will be installed throughout campus, as follows. 
  • Cough & Sneeze Etiquette (all washrooms, back of all residence room doors) 

o   Maximum occupancy for each room and for the Library elevator (one elevator on campus) 

o   Physical Distancing Poster (throughout campus) 

o   Proper Hand washing Protocol (all washrooms) 

o   Public Health Measures for Everyone (throughout campus) 

o   Self-Isolation Fact sheet (in residence) 

o   Follow One Way Traffic (throughout campus) 

o   Floor - Stand Here (at service counters and other areas as needed) 

  • Sanitizing Station - Please sanitize your hands before entering (building entrances) 
  • Stairwells will be one-way wherever possible (excluding emergency egress) and where not possible, instructions for physical distancing and / or directional floor signage will be installed. 
  • No visitors will be allowed in the Residence Building
  • Residence Common Room (there is only one) will be closed.   
  • Plexiglas barriers will be installed at service counters in the Library and Business Office. 

Cleaning and disinfecting 

  • Cleaning of high-touch areas in common spaces of all buildings 
  • Specialized deep cleaning and disinfection will be provided to affected areas where a COVID-19 exposure has occurred. 
  • Staff / faculty will be responsible for keeping their own workspaces and high-touch areas clean
  • Supervisors will manage increased local-level cleaning on shared equipment
  • Cleaning wipes will be provided in all shared washrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at the entrances of each building on campus. 
  • Consistent with Novanet requirements, materials returned to the Library or set aside for re-shelving will be stored untouched for 72 hours before being re-shelved. 

Reconfiguring workspace 

  • Furniture and equipment will be reconfigured in workspaces and common areas to facilitate physical distancing. 
  • Every room (and the Library elevator) will have a posted occupancy limit, based on room size and six-foot physical distancing. 


March 16 Update:

Effective immediately, AST’s library and campus will be closed to the public. All chapel services will be cancelled until further notice.

March 15 Update:

In keeping with this public health direction, AST is moving as quickly as possible to offer classes online.  Effective today, on-campus classes are suspended and will be moving to virtual course delivery as soon as things can be arranged. 

Students: you will hear from your instructors about the plan for your specific course(s). Some course requirements may be modified, given the circumstances. Please note that all students who complete course requirements successfully this term will receive course credit. Those on track to graduate in Spring 2020 can still graduate.