Giving to the Atlantic School of Theology

Atlantic School of Theology (AST) has been a pioneer in graduate ecumenical education since 1971. Over the years AST has provided cutting-edge theological education for both lay and ordained leaders to take up the challenges facing churches and communities. The need for informed and inspired leadership is just as great today as it has been in the past, for the challenges of the future are no less daunting.

This daring thrust of ecumenical education first made in 1971 would not have been successful and survived to this day without the robust assistance of our three founding partners and especially the generous support of our alumni and many friends. Donations, bequests, endowments and other forms of giving have made the difference in enabling AST to confer over 1,300 graduate degrees and certificates over its 38 year history. Today AST is growing in enrollment and becoming one of the larger theological schools in Canada.

Your prayers and gifts are essential for the work of AST to continue its mission of preparing students for lay and ordained leadership in our churches and the wider communities of our hospitals, prisons, universities and social justice agencies.

Whether your contribution is a gift of cash for immediate operational use or gifts of other assets for capital projects or to create a permanent endowment, we can help you and your advisors ensure that your gift will meet your goals and provides maximum benefit for AST to fulfill its mission.

For the various ways of giving please consult the left side-bar on this page. To donate, simply visit our donate now page.