Basic Format Guidelines

  • Double-space the body of the paper, but use indented single-spacing for footnotes and for long quotations.
  • Keep a one-inch margin around the paper.
  • Use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3...) as page numbers for the body of the paper, usually placed at the top right.
  • Book and journal titles are usually italicized.
  • Essay and artilce titles ae usualy in quotation marks.
  • For your title page, centre the following information:
    • title of the paper,
    • your name,
    • the course name and number,
    • the professor's name, and
    • the date the paper is due.
  • Do not embellish the title page with fancy lettering, drawings, pictures or colour.

The AST Library computers on the have MS Word and are for AST student use. For more information about these services, contact the Library (423-7986).

See our Writing Guide page for a list of recommended writing guides and style manuals at the AST Library.

Final Note: The Saint Mary's University Writing Centre has writing workshops which AST students can attend..

Good luck!