An Evening with Jill MacLean

Award-Winning Author of Nix Minus One, a young adult novel in verse

Listen in the chapel...
Thursday, November 6, at 7 p.m.
AST St. Columba Chapel
634 Francklyn Street
Halifax, NS

Jill will read from her novel and talk about the technique of free verse, its personal nature, and the censorship that happens when she reads in high schools. The novel is set in Newfoundland and includes such contemporary subjects as bullying, teen alcohol abuse, and sibling relations.

He feels his voice
in the grain of the Shaker table
he makes for his mother, in the birdhouses,
picture frames; finds himself in the box
he gifts his sister, learns love
dovetails time and the join is fierce
not something he'll ever grow out of,
only into.

--poem by Maryann Martin


The AST Arts & Theology Committee is pleased to present poetry events from time to time. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming opportunities to expand your knowledge of poetry. In the meantime, have a look at some of our past events (listed below).   


Past Poetry Events

In Praise of the Spoken Word: Poetry and Preaching

A poetry event featuring El Jones, HRM Poet Laureate and the Rev. Matt Fillier of Wellington and St. John’s United Church

Thursday, October 30, 2014, at 7 p.m., AST St. Columba Chapel, 634 Francklyn Street, Halifax, NS

Praise the chorus of days (Poem by Maryann Martin)
bringing truth's tenor
to our doors. Praise the times
we hear the knock, storm of nights
waking us to the thunder
of our songs. Praise the lightning
in our voices, amens
crackling on our tongues.


Winter's Words

An open mic poetry event sponsored by the AST Student Union and the Arts & Theology Committee

Monday, February 24, 2014, at the Garden of Eat'n, 6293 Quinpool Road, Halifax

Winter's Words (Poem by Maryann Martin)
For years we thought her white gift was snow but it's light
breaking through the surface of things. Close your eyes,
winter says, hold out your hands. The sound ignites
air, cracks us open to the flutter: her words have wings.


The egg's the engine - An open mic poetry event open to all poetry lovers

Thursday, July 18, 2013, at the Garden of Eat'n, 6293 Quinpool Road, Halifax

The egg's the engine (poem by Maryann Martin)
The egg's the engine, the pale blue want
polished by your palm. Listen to the hum
of the robin's heart, shell of many parts made
whole when the voice inside breaks open.


Pick the door with knots: An evening of poetry with Brian Bartlett and Carole Langille

Thursday, March 21, 2013, in the AST Library

About the poets

Brian Bartlett is the author of six collections of poetry, including The Watchmaker’s Table and Wanting the Day: Selected Poems, which was published in both Canada and Britain, and received the Atlantic Poetry Prize. He has also edited three books of selected poems: Earthly Pages: The Poetry of Don Domanski, The Essential James Reaney, and The Essential Robert Gibbs. Since 1990, has taught creative writing and literature at Saint Mary’s University. He is currently trying to find publishers for two manuscripts: a gathering of seven long poems all in the form of “haiku montages,” and a prose “book of days,” 366 paragraphs of nature writing (one for each day of the year, including an extra for leap years).

Carole Glasser Langille’s most recent book, Church of the Exquisite Panic: The Ophelia Poems, was published in the fall of 2012. She is also the author of a collection of short stories, When I Always Wanted Something. Six poems from her book Late in a Slow Time, were put to music by Chan Ka Nin and recorded by Duo Concertante. She teaches Creative Writing: Poetry at Dalhousie University.

Poster-Pick the door with knots (pdf)


Look with your ears: An evening of poetry with Alyda Faber and Maryann Martin

Thursday, February 7, 2013, in the AST Library

About the poets

Alyda Faber read from a manuscript entitled "Leeuwarden Train Station." She teaches theology and ethics at AST and has published poetry in Canadian and Dutch literary magazines.

Maryann Martin writes poetry and fiction informed by her travels within Canada and overseas. Living and writing in Halifax, she works a day job in university administration at the Atlantic School of Theology. In addition to two poetry courses with Brian Bartlett at Saint Mary's University, she has taken workshops with local poets and has recently won 2nd Prize for poetry in the 35th Atlantic Writing Competition. She enjoys writing for adults and children but writing bios...not so much.

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