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Worship/Chaplaincy at AST

Our shared worship life is designed to nurture a rich sense of identity rooted in Christian community. These ecumenical services are in keeping with AST’s identity as expressed in our Mission Statement. During the Summer Term, chapel services normally begin at 8:15 a.m., with classes starting at 9:00 a.m. During Fall and Winter Terms, On Tuesdays, the services are held in-person in the Chapel, and Thursday, as a hybrid Chapel/zoom service.  Both commencing at 11:45 a.m. Services are generally a half hour or less.

  • On Community Day (Thursday), the service normally includes a sermon. Preachers include senior students, faculty and guests.
  • Teams preparing worship services are encouraged to integrate liturgical elements appropriate for ecumenical worship from a variety of Christian sources.
  • A Chapel photocopy card is available for students to use when making copies for chapel services. Please inquire at the circulation desk in the library.
  • AST also provides the services of two ecumenical chaplains who are normally on campus two days a week.  Students, staff or faculty may call, email or meet with the chaplains in order to discuss concerns/issues that impact their work/studies at AST. These conversations are strictly confidential. The chaplains play no role in evaluating the academic progress of students; they are impartial conversation partners. Their office is located in Room 108 in the residence building.

Worship/Chaplaincy Committee (2021/2022)

Kevin Parks (AST musician)

Diane Tait (Chair)

Debbie Fice (Past-Chair)

Dawn-Lea Greer 

Rhonda Schofield

Pam Brown

Jacqi Moraal

Rhonda Schofield

Dr. Susan MacAlpine-Gillis (faculty liaison)



Last updated on September 07, 2021