Atlantic School of Theology (AST) is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. Our current accreditation was granted for a ten year period, the end of which is approaching, and so AST has applied for re-accreditation. This process has included the development of a Self-Study Report. We have engaged our stakeholders such as yourself in the development of that report, and it is now complete.

The next major step in the application process is a site visit to AST by an evaluation team appointed by the Association of Theological Schools. Our site visit will take place on October 21 – 24, 2019. Prior to the site visit, you are invited to comment in writing on AST’s qualifications for accreditation.

Comments are particularly welcome regarding the Association of Theological Schools General Institutional Standards, the Educational Standard, and Degree Program Standards. Standards and other information concerning accreditation are available at the Association website here:

If you wish provide comments please email them to Atlantic School of Theology at or the Association of Theological Schools at

The members of the evaluation team are:

Dr. Scott Woodward
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
Oblate School of Theology
San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Cindy Aalders
Library Director & Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity
Regent College
Vancouver, British Columbia

Rev. Dr. Thomas Ferguson
St. John's Episcopal Church
Sandwich, Massachusetts

Dr. Barbara Mutch
Director of Accreditation
Association of Theological Schools Liaison