Graduate Studies


Graduate Studies at AST includes the following:


Academic Programs Admission Requirements

The academic pre-requisite for admission to the Master of Divinity Program (MDiv), Graduate Certificate Program in Theological Studies, and admission as a Special Student is a Bachelor’s Degree (or its educational equivalent) from a university recognized by the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada or the Council for Higher Education in the United States.  Applicants to the MDiv Program, Graduate Certificate Program, and as a Special Student are expected to have attained an average of at least 70% or a ‘B’ grade (or the grade point average equivalent) in their undergraduate program. 

Applicants who seek admission to degree programs or credit courses without a completed Bachelor’s Degree must apply for admission on the basis of having a Bachelor’s Equivalency, or as a sponsored candidate for ordination (as a United Church of Canada “Shorter Course Candidate” with five year-long or 10 semester undergraduate university credits). Applicants may present a case for acceptance based upon life experience alone, although some university course work is preferable. The Standards of Accreditation for the Association of Theological Schools set a limit of 10% for the number of students in the degree programs who do not possess a full Bachelor’s Degree. 

Those students who seek to be admitted to the School on the basis of a Bachelor’s Equivalency or life experience may request AST’s Prior Learning Assessment. For more information, please contact our Recruitment and Vocations Coordinator: