Grad Project Presentations

Fall 2018

Our Summer Distance students will be presenting their research, as follows:

Brian Thompson

Flying Fish: The Experience of Members of the United Church of Canada Who Participate in a Contemplative Prayer Group
DATE: November 21, 2018
LOCATION: Bethel-St. Andrew’s United Church, 184 Jack Lougheed Way, Fitzroy Harbour, ON
TIME: 7:00 pm Eastern Time

Peter Anthony

What motivates individuals to choose, in advance, not to have a funeral?
DATE: November 23, 2018
LOCATION: Liverpool Baptist Church in Liverpool, NS
TIME: 2:00 pm Atlantic Time

Marsha Roberts

Clergy Loss and Transformation
What is the experience of a marital relationship ending while preparing for ordained ministry?
DATE: November 27, 2018
LOCATION: Kincardine United Church, Kincardine, ON
TIME: 1:00 pm Eastern Time

Don Schau

Who Ya Gonna Call? 
The Experience of Licensed Lay Worship Leaders in Rural Congregations in the United Church of Canada
DATE: November 28, 2018
LOCATION: Transcona Memorial United Church Multi-purpose room, 209 Yale Ave W., Winnipeg, MB
TIME: 2:00 pm Central Time
NOTE: Live streamed via Zoom

Susan Peverley

How does the experience of congregational potluck meals influence the spiritual life of individuals?
DATE: December 2, 2018
LOCATION: Chalmers United Church 131 Ottawa Ave. South River, ON
TIME: 12:30 pm Eastern Time

Michael Tutton

Parish Nursing: Where Christ's Peace and the World's Needs Meet
What stories do parish nurses tell about how they influenced wholistic healing of parishioners?
DATE: December 6, 2018
LOCATION: AST’s St. Columba Chapel, 634 Francklyn St., Halifax, NS
TIME: 2:00 pm Atlantic Time
NOTE: Live streamed via Zoom