Linda Scherzinger

The Honourable Mayann Francis Faith in Action Award Recipient 2023

Linda Scherzinger bears witness to her Christian faith through her lifelong commitment and active involvement in working with others for a more just, compassionate, and peaceful world. She advocates for challenging and incremental changes through education, collaboration, and promotion for action. She has organized educational events in the Sydney area for churches to care for the earth by being more energy efficient. In Halifax she joined the Ecology Action Centre and the Sierra Club and played a key role in organizing interfaith and secular groups to speak for bold action on climate change leading up to COP 15 in 2009. She obtained funds and worked with local groups to bring renowned environmental consultant Dr. Christine Woerlen of Germany to meet with local decision makers and speak at public events in Halifax.

Linda’s concern for global issues is evident in her response to the 2008 Gaza bombing, which prompted her to organize a Presbytery study group on Israel/Palestine and motivated her to attend two international conferences in Bethlehem. She is involved locally, regionally and nationally with faith-based organizations educating members and encouraging Canadians to act in solidarity with those suffering from oppression and injustice. She has raised awareness and supported children and youth at risk in Nova Scotia and in Palestine, and promotes Fair Trade for farmers (coffee) in Guatemala and (olive oil) in Palestine.

Linda engages in interfaith efforts advocating for Treaty rights and against environmental racism. She participates in local activities such as water walks and talking circles, and supports campaigns against environmental threats like fracking, Alton Gas and gold mining. She has facilitated speakers who have shared their powerful stories addressing issues such as the impact of the Oil Sands on First Nations communities’ health and the high rates of cancer downstream from the oil sands.

Through KAIROS Halifax, Linda encourages and supports increasing collaboration among faith communities and secular groups advocating for ecological and social justice. Her enduring faith in action inspires hope for a better future and encourages everyone to live their professed faith.