Shaureen Taweel

The Honourable Mayann Francis Faith in Action Award Recipient 2023

Shaureen Taweel is the coordinator of the East Dartmouth Christian Food Bank which started over thirty years ago as an ecumenical outreach of five churches in the East Dartmouth area. The mission of the Food Bank is to work with a network of community partners and volunteers to reduce food insecurity and build a healthier community.

Shaureen is a member of St. Luke’s Anglican Church Dartmouth where over the years she has been involved with the Sunday school as a teacher and co-superintendent, a church warden and council member. Her outreach work stems from her Christian faith and fosters a deep concern regarding the well being of others, especially individuals and families struggling with food insecurity in her community.

Shaureen has been involved with the Food Bank in her community for the past seven years as a member of the “tech team”, she has led projects to develop and implement standards for the Food Bank and has been the coordinator since January 2020. Together with her team she has led the Food Bank through the pandemic by keeping the Food Bank open, everyone safe, and food available to all.

Shaureen and her team strive to provide more than food; they are often a listening ear, a link to a community resource or a familiar face. The team encourages an atmosphere of respect and autonomy by offering a variety of food choices respecting all cultural backgrounds. Clients are treated with respect and as individuals. Being either a client or volunteer at the Food Bank is like being part of a family where everyone cares for and supports each other.