Pine Hill Divinity Hall

Supports AST Transition Fund to the Tune of $450,000

Pine Hill has committed to a donation of up to $150,000 in each of the next three years, or $450,000 in total, to support a new transition fund for Atlantic School of Theology (AST).

This transition fund will provide AST the funds to implement its new strategic plan and create a sustainable university over the coming years. AST remains committed to its mission of serving Christ by shaping effective and faithful ordained and lay leaders and understanding among communities of faith.

AST is grateful for the financial support it receives from Pine Hill Divinity Hall and thanks the Pine Hill Board and its staff for this generous donation. In addition to supporting AST financially, it should be acknowledged that Pine Hill’s commitment goes far beyond its bank account. As a founding party of AST, Pine Hill Divinity Hall continues to have a direct impact on all aspects of the university. For this, we are truly thankful.