The Rev. Dr. David M. Csinos

Associate Professor of Practical Theology

David M. Csinos
Homiletics, Religious Education,
Ethnographic Theology

Tel: 902-222-2771
Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms


Dr. Csinos earned a PhD in practical theology (University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto); a ThM in Christian education (Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond); an MTS in Christian ministry (McMaster University, Hamilton), and a BA in religion and culture (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo). He researches, teaches, and writes widely about faith formation, homiletics, children’s and youth ministry, intergenerational ministry, and culture. Dr. Csinos serves as founder and president of Faith Forward, an ecumenical organization for innovation in ministry with children, youth, and families. With Faith Forward, he has organized five international conferences and currently hosts a podcast about progressive approaches to faith formation with young people. He is a regular speaker on topics such as children and youth, intergenerational ministry, faith formation, intercultural ministry, social justice, and ministry innovation at churches, conferences, and universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Dr. Csinos serves as book review editor for Religious Education.

Curriculum Vitae

  • A Gospel for All Ages: Teaching and Preaching with the Whole Church (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2022)
  • (with Joseph H. Clarke) “Steer into the Storm: Dynamic Psychotherapy for Preaching in Anxious Times.” International Journal of Homiletics 6 (2021): 23–32
  • “The Silent Adjective and the Silenced Generation: Toward a Childist Homiletic.” Practical Matters 13 (2020): 1–16
  • Little Theologians: Children, Culture, and the Making of Theological Meaning (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020)
  • “Light Art, Street Art, and the Art of Preaching: Sound-and-Light Shows as Public Proclamation.” International Journal of Homiletics 5 (2020): 74–87
  • “From Pioneer to Partner: Dismantling White Normativity in Ethnographic Theology.” Religious Education 115, no. 4 (2020): 400-12
  • “Falling Leaf Catcher: Experiencing Awe and Wonder with Children.” In Re-Thinking Children’s Work in Churches: A Practical Guide, ed. Carolyn Edwards, Sian Hancock, and Sally Nash, 171–9 (London: Jessica Kingsley, 2019)
  • Faith Forward, Volume 3: Launching a Revolution through Ministry with Children, Youth, and Families (Kelowna, BC: Wood Lake, 2018)
  • “Between Yes and No: The Inner Journey of Qualitative Research.” In Qualitative Research in Theological Education: Pedagogy in Practice, ed. Mary Clark Moschella and Susan Willhauck, 60-75 (London: SCM, 2018)
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