Dr. David Deane

Associate Professor of Theology

David Deane

Tel: 902-943-1777
Roman Catholic


Dr. Deane earned the BA, MA, and PhD at Trinity College, Dublin. Prior to serving with AST, he was Theologian in Residence at Colorado State University. He teaches courses in areas such as Christology, the doctrine of God, the Holy Spirit, early Christian thought, moral theology, atheism, anarchism, and Roman Catholic theology and apologetics. He is a frequent theological commentator on radio and television, and has conducted research on the Roman Catholic Church leadership’s response to accusations of sexual abuse against priests, just war theory, and Friedrich Nietzsche. He is the host of AST’s podcast and has presented a series of vlogs on theological topics.

Curriculum Vitae

  • The Matter of the Spirit
  • Nietzsche and Theology: Nietzschean Thought in Christological Anthropology
  • “Alain Badiou’s Parodic Sacramentality of Numbers”
  • “Christian Just War and the Eschatological Delay”
  • “Christ and the Imago Dei