Grad Project Presentations

Warp and Weft: Souls in Community

DATE: Thursday, March 10, 2022
LOCATION: St. Andrew's United Church, 6036 Coburg Halifax, NS
MORE INFO: Contact the Rev. Dr. Jody Clarke

All graduate project presentations are 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute Q&A

Schedule of Presentations

9:15 am

Rev. Canon Dr. Jody Clarke, MC

Welcome and Worship

9:30 am

Whitney Canning

Fire's Burning, Draw Nearer: The Faith Formation of Camp Staff

10:05 am

Debbie Fice

Views From the Pews: How Will Online Worship Change Church? Us When it Comes to the Nova Scotia Housing Crisis?

10:35 am



10:50 am

Dawn-Lea Greer

Caring For Community: The Experience of Anglican Clergy as Psycho-Spiritual Health Providers

11:25 am

Max Martin

Prophetic Voices from the Wilderness: Pastoring During the Pandemic 


Lunch Break


1:00 pm

Susan Girard (via Zoom)

Ordinary Mystics: Exploring United Church of Canada Folks' Experiences of God's Presence During Sunday Worship 

1:40 pm

Calvin Burt (via Zoom)

Is Home Where Health is? What can the Co-housing Model Teach

2:15 pm

Clare McMenemy (via Zoom)

Unexpected Anointing: Allied Health Response to Unmet Spiritual Needs in Complex Care Settings 

2:30 pm



2:45 pm

Tamsin Michael Robson

Exploring the Spirituality of Trans and Non-Binary People

3:20 pm

Jane Magrath

Only Connect”: Mid-Life Women & Post-Church Spirituality


Hymn and Closing Remarks