Library Campaign June 2020


Throughout the month of June 2020, AST participated in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Our donors helped us raise over $23,000 for key e-resources in our library. Thank you to Pine Hill Divinity Hall for generously matching gifts up to $10,000. Thanks to our faculty for leading the charge for this campaign. And thanks to all who participated!

Together, we helped the AST Library protect access to key resources for theological research in the current year and build our e-book collection for online learning going forward.

We salute all of our donors - your support means the world to us!

Greg Aikins
Maryn Anderson
AST Faculty Association (ASTFA)     
Ross Bartlett
John and Lorraine Baxter
Jane Baxter
Neale Bennet
Jill Brogan
Debra Burleson
Pix Butt
Barbara Cairns
Jody Clarke
William Close
Trudy Colpitts
Jocelyn Cook
Michelle Cormier
Jessica Crabtree
David Csinos
Davena Davis
David Deane
Laurence DeWolfe
Daniel Driver
JoCarol Driver
Daniel Driver
Louisa Duck
Sarah Emsley
Alyda Faber
Kim Falls
Rob Fennell
Janice Frame
Gail Fricker
Liz Galsworthy
Natasha Gerolami
Susan Girard
Alain Godbout
Rosemary Godin
Ivan Gregan
Joan Griffin
Rick Gunn
Lawrence Hale
Elizabeth Harper
April Hart
Lawrence Hayes
David Heckerl
Heather Hemming
Kelly Herd
Doug & Faye Hergett
Tammy Hodge
Anne Hoganson
Lee Ann Hogle
Paul Jennings
Robert Johnson
Beth Johnston
Ivan Khovacs
Peggy Lamey
Carol Lavallee
David LeBlanc
Karen LeBlanc
Robert Lockhartr
Barbara MacAlpine
Susan MacAlpine-Gillis
Michael MacDonald
Iain Macdonald
Rosalind MacDonald
Catherine MacDonald
Iain Macdonald
Charlene MacKnight
David & Jane MacLachlan    
Brian MacMillan
Carolin MacMillan
Barbara MacNaughton
Karan Manuel
Rachel Martin
Kassandra Matthews
Janet McCormick
Leslie McLean
Alison Miculan
Linda Moxsom-Skinner
Brenda Munro
Don Murray
Chris O'Hara
Lorraine Otto
Maria Pacurar
Kevin Parks
Natasha Pearen
David Peer
Mavis Peddie Peters
Pine Hill Divinity Hall
Karen Pitt
Stephanie Potter
Richard L Rankin
Jane Reid
Donna Reindorf
Michelle Robichaud
Lawrence Roche
Martin Rumscheidt
Eileen Schuller
Dinah Simmons
Catherine Simpson
Susan Slater
Terry Slaunwhite
Arthur Smith
Jack & Donna Spencer
Harriet Staples
Ronald Stevenson
Mary Taylor
Ross Thompson
Lynn Uzans
Lorene Whitman
Susan Willhauck
Joanne Williams
Joe Young