Planning Guidelines for Daily Worship

  • All students, full time and part time, are encouraged to share in leadership
  • Meet with your team in advance for effective and organized planning
  • Groups are encouraged to make use of the many books and resources in the Chapel and Library as well as their own resources for Christian worship
  • See important copyright information and incorporate it into your worship materials
  • Review the Scripture readings for the week - See Lectionary
  • Consult closely with the Thursday preacher
  • Consider other elements: music, prayers, movement, ritual, visual aspects

  • Consult closely with the university musician at least the week before your team’s leadership.
  • Contact the Sacristan if you need any help with items from the Sacristy or other assistance with the worship space.
  • Photocopying of Worship bulletins may be done in the library.
  • Seek to build a team that reflects the Christian Ecumenical traditions at AST.
  • Worship begins promptly at 11:45 a.m. and should last about 20 minutes (except Thursday, when chapel can last up to 40 minutes).
  • Use a variety of sources in your services – we are an ecumenical community!
  • Pass on your evaluations, reflections, comments, and concerns to the Worship Committee.


Last updated March 2, 2016