OH&S Committee

The Atlantic School of Theology (AST) is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and preventing occupational illness and injury. AST will make every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment, dedicated to the objective of eliminating the possibility of injury and illness, and will make all reasonable precautions to prevent harm to employees.

Committee Chair Members

Alison Holmes - alison.holmes@astheology.ns.ca 
Chris Farthing - cfarthing@astheology.ns.ca

Committee Members

Bobbi Zahra - bzahra@astheology.ns.ca
Terry Slaunwhite - TSlaunwhite@astheology.ns.ca
Jeff Armstrong - jarmstrong@astheology.ns.ca 
Parassingh Pardeshi - parassinghpardeshi@gmail.com
Dawn-Lea Greer - dawnleagreer@hotmail.com
Max Martin - m.martin@bellaliant.net
Melissa - melisspl@hotmail.com 
Academic rep - academic@astheology.ns.ca 
Dave Csinos - dcsinos@astheology.ns.ca 

Meeting Minutes