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‌Pine Hill Divinity Hall’s Mission is to build up the body of Christ by supporting the education of people with vocations in ministry and thereby fostering the proclamation of the Gospel.

Pine Hill Divinity Hall, The United Church of Canada Founding Party of Atlantic School of Theology, supports United Church of Canada members pursuing study and training for ministry through its endowment fund. (Read More...)

The Methodists, the Presbyterians and for a short while, the Congregationalists provided theological education in Canada from the early 19th century. After Church Union, the General Council established and designated Pine Hill Divinity Hall as a United Church of Canada theological school. As one of the founding parties of Atlantic School of Theology in 1971, Pine Hill continues to assist United Church students financially in their preparation for ministry.

Pine Hill Divinity Hall Financial Assistance

Pine Hill Divinity Hall Supports United Church Students studying at AST

  • Candidates for Ministry studying at AST

    All United Church of Canada candidates for ministry certified by District, and Candidacy Board are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

Effective June 1, 2012:
- Full Tuition Bursary
- Loans

  • Lay Ministers studying at AST

Two United Church of Canada lay members in a certificate and/or degree program at AST and planning to exercise lay ministry in the United Church of Canada will be awarded assistance. 

- Tuition Bursary Lay Ministry Bursary(pdf)

  • The Seekers Bursary

Available to members of the United Church of Canada who have not yet commenced theological studies and are not candidates for ordination or commissioning at the time of application (covers tuition for up to two AST courses).

- More info on the Seekers Bursary

Seekers Bursary Application


  • Continuing Education Bursary for Ministry Personnel

Members of the Order of Ministry of the United Church of Canada who have served five years in the ministry of the United Church of Canada, normally in the Region 15, First Dawn Eastern Edge, or Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regions, may apply for a Pine Hill Divinity Hall continuing Education Bursary‌. Note: Deadline is February 1.

- More info on the Pine Hill Divinity Hall Continuing Education Bursary

  • The Promise Bursary

The Promise Bursary is awarded to a person whose congregation has recognized in her or him significant promise for leadership within the United Church of Canada in the future.

- More info on the Promise Bursary

Click here for more information on financial assistance for UCC students. 

Fellowships / Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship

Pine Hill Divinity Hall, in conjunction with the United Church Faculty Group of Atlantic School of Theology, offers a fellowship once every three years to assist United Church of Canada graduates of Pine Hill Divinity Hall and Atlantic School of Theology in pursuing advanced, post-graduate theological studies. (Read more...)

For more information, please contact:

Pine Hill Divinity Hall
Brenda Munro
Executive Director
902-423-3158 (w)
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