Financial Assistance

AST-Administered Bursaries


Thanks to the generosity of donors, AST offers need-based bursaries for its students. Bursaries are awarded by AST’s Bursary Committee based on terms and conditions set by donors, or by the Committee. Please read through the information below and consult the Academic Calendar for further details. Questions about bursaries can be directed to the AST Bursary Committee:

Applications for Fall-Winter 2023-24 are now closed. The next round of bursary applications will open in spring 2024 for the Summer 2024 Term.

Information on General Bursaries

  • Bursaries are awarded by the AST Bursary Committee based on demonstrated financial need as well as the terms and conditions set by donors, or by the committee.
  • Students must be admitted and registered at the undergraduate or graduate level at AST to be eligible for bursaries. Eligible programs of study include BTh, MDiv, MA (theology and religion), and the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies (GCTS). Students who are registered as Special Students (Graduate) are also eligible to apply.
  • Students who qualify for reduced tuition rates (seniors’ rates, etc.) or who participate in classes on an audit basis are not eligible for bursary assistance.
  • Some AST diploma programs do offer funding opportunities outside the AST bursary program. Students in diploma programs are advised to consult the academic calendar for further information.
  • All eligible AST students who demonstrate financial need are eligible for bursary assistance, regardless of full-time or part-time status.
  • Applications must be received by the AST bursary committee on or before application deadlines to be considered.
  • All graduate-level students who are subject to international tuition rates are eligible to apply for the International Student Bursary, as outlined in the AST Academic Calendar. In order to be considered for this bursary, students will need to apply separately. Note: different application deadlines may apply. Please refer to the AST Academic Calendar.
  • The information requested on the Application for Financial Aid form is collected under the authority of the university and is needed to process applications and determine eligibility for financial aid.
  • The AST Bursary Committee strives to evaluate applications on a fair and equitable basis, based on the information provided by applicants. However, applicants are responsible for providing accurate and thorough information.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered by the committee.
  • Students will be notified once the AST Bursary Committee determines financial awards.
  • Bursary awards are credited to student accounts and are used to offset tuition and any monies owing to the university.
  • Access to the information collected through the application process is restricted to the AST Bursary Committee. The AST Bursary Committee may release designated information to bursary donors, funding organizations and/or applicable church bodies, in accordance with the terms outlined in specific bursaries. Names and other personal data will not be published in any AST communications related to bursaries.


In addition to the general AST-Administered bursaries, international students registered in a graduate-level program may be eligible for an International Student Bursary. Please consult the Academic Calendar for full details, as procedures and deadlines differ from the general AST-administered bursaries. To apply for the International Student Bursary, send your name, contact information, a personal statement confirming that you are paying international student rates to AST, and a copy of your AST Registration Confirmation Form (issued by AST’s Registrar) to the AST Bursary Committee:

AST Entrance Scholarships

AST's entrance scholarship fund totals $90,000. All MDiv and MA applicants are automatically considered for these awards. No separate application process is necessary.

External Scholarships and Bursary Opportunities

The Academic Office has compiled detailed listings of external scholarship and bursary funding opportunities. Please access the spreadsheet documents below for complete information.

Research Nova Scotia has announced a new scholarship opportunity for AST students to pursue areas of research that will support health and wellness-related initiatives in Nova Scotia. In 2021-22, two scholarships may be awarded.

Details and application materials: 


The Prayer Book Society of Canada is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of bursaries of up to $1,000, for Anglican students engaged in religious studies who value the Book of Common Prayer, use it in their daily prayer life, and wish to support its continuing use in the Anglican churches in Canada. Students in the ordination stream are particularly encouraged to apply.

Students wishing to be considered for one of these bursaries should submit a copy of their curriculum vitae and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of two references, together with a covering letter explaining their interest in this bursary and in the Book of Common Prayer, to the chair of the PBSC Bursaries Committee, Dr. Diana Verseghy, at the following email address: The deadline for applications is November 3, 2023. Candidates will be interviewed by the bursaries committee in late November, and awards will be made in mid-December.

United Church Students

Pine Hill Divinity Hall supports United Church Students studying at AST. All United Church of Canada candidates for ministry certified by Region, Synod or Candidacy Board, are eligible to apply for financial assistance. Bursaries are also available for a limited number of lay applicants. For more information, contact Brenda Munro at 902-423-3158.

Anglican Students

Full-time theological students studying for ordination in the Anglican Church of Canada may be eligible for tuition assistance. Funding is also available to part-time and non-ordination stream candidates.

Roman Catholic Students

Roman Catholic students may be eligible for financial assistance through the Vocations Office of their diocese.

U.S. Student Loans

Atlantic School of Theology (OPE ID School #04123100) is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a deferment-only or eligibility-only institution. While AST is not authorized to certify new U.S. Federal student loans for U.S. students, U.S. students attending AST who have a pre-existing U.S. Federal Student loan may qualify for a temporary suspension of the student loan repayment obligation (an “in-school deferment”) while attending AST at least half-time.