Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies program is a ten-credit academic program that may be completed on campus, online or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. The GCTS parallels the first year of our graduate degree programs, and may serve as a time of discernment for further academic or professional needs. Credits obtained in the GCTS may be brought forward to a degree program at AST, subject to the requirements of the degree program.

Program Requirements

To complete the GCTS program you will need to complete at least 10 term credits distributed as follows:

  • Two foundation courses in biblical studies (BF 1001 and BF 1002)
  • One foundation course in theological studies (TF 1000)
  • Seven elective credits in biblical, theological (systematic theology, church history or ethics), pastoral theology (including WF 1000), or Research Methods (RM 1000).

You may concentrate in any of the areas of biblical, theological (systematic theology, church history or ethics), or pastoral studies, but may not take more than five courses in any one area.

Admission Requirements

The academic requirement for admission to the Graduate Certificate Programme in Theological Studies is a Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) from a recognized university (by the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada or its equivalent in the United States), with a minimum 70% average in the undergraduate programme.

Applicants who seek admission to the Graduate Certificate Programme in Theological Studies or credit courses without a completed Bachelor’s degree must complete a Prior Learning Portfolio to establish Bachelor's degree equivalency. 

For more information please contact our Recruitment Coordinator:  

For an application to the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, please see our Applications page.