Financial Assistance for United Church of Canada Students

The Board of Governors of Pine Hill Divinity Hall, through the General Bursary Endowment Fund, gives assistance to United Church of Canada students preparing for ministry.

The Bursary Endowment Fund has been accumulated through the years as a result of gifts from those interested in the support of training for Christian ministry as well as memorial donations from friends and relatives of clergy and laity who wished to honour those who have faithfully served God and the Church. A complete record of such gifts and memorials is maintained by the Board of Governors of Pine Hill Divinity Hall.

The Bursary Endowment Fund is supplemented by the General Endowment Fund, as required, to meet increased costs and demands.

Tuition Fees Bursary

Full tuition will be paid for UC Candidates for ordered ministry.

Ordained Ministry

Pine Hill funding, which may include tuition fees, becomes available for United Church students at Atlantic School of Theology in the semester in which they become candidates as determined by the candidacy process of The United Church of Canada (unless delay to a subsequent semester is the result of Conference Interview Board or Presbytery timing procedures of decisions or procedures by the Candidacy Board or Office Vocation.

Diaconal Ministry

Pine Hill may assume tuition costs for persons studying at Atlantic School of Theology in the diaconal stream, on the condition that those courses are for credit at the instituion granting the diploma.

The Pine Hill Board expects to have the candidacy status of all students confirmed by their home congregations and presbyteries before granting any financial assistance. It is the student's responsibility to provide both letters of confirmation when applying for bursaries. Candidacy Board or Office of Vocation Minister.