Diploma in Missional Leadership

Are you a leader of a faith community committed to nurturing your own faith, growing in your understanding of the missional context around you, and networking with other ministry leaders? Are you passionate about mission in the Canadian context? If so, you are invited to apply to be part of the first cohort of participants in this exciting new Diploma program that focuses on developing practical leadership skills and attributes, while learning about the Canadian context as well as the nature and practices of mission-oriented leadership.

The first cohort (running from June 2021 to spring 2023) is focused on the Canadian context and is especially meant for racialized or minoritized ministry leaders.

Program of Study

The Diploma in Missional Leadership is a part-time program of study and mentorship with four components. You are required to participate in all four components to graduate from the program. (Please note that Diploma components are not university credit courses and cannot be transferred into another AST program.)

Unit 1: Leaders as Learners (Online, June 7-10, 2021)

Focus: forming the cohort group; nourishing habits of self-care and continuous spiritual growth; self-awareness and leadership skills; introduction to modes of missional leadership and worldview; establishing peer accountability groups and patterns.

Unit 2: Leaders within a Tradition (online, Sept-Nov 2021)

Focus: specific denominational realities, including culture, polity, practices, theology, and ethos; developing intercultural competencies; inspiring and managing change.

Unit 3: Leaders in Context (in Halifax, June 6-10 2022)

Focus: Canadian contexts of leadership, including the realities of language, culture, ethnicities, history, religion, secularization, geography, demographics, and economics; Canada’s ecumenical landscape within a global context; continuing to learn about missional leadership.

Unit 4: Leaders developing Leaders (online, Sept-Nov 2022)

Focus: personal coaching and leadership mentoring, both as a mentor and mentee; additional learning needs and goals identified by participants.

Graduation: May 2023 at the AST Convocation

Pre-graduation retreat (optional)

Admissions Requirements

  • You must currently be serving in an authorized form of ministry in Canada.
  • You must commit to attending the first component of the Diploma online, June 7-10, 2021, as well as the other components noted above.
  • Access to an up-to-date computer and Internet access (preferably high speed) is required.
  • Please contact Rev. Dr. Stephen Harper, Convener of the Diploma in Missional Leadership, to discuss your interest in the program and to review the application process: sharper@astheology.ns.ca

Costs and Financial Aid

  • Total cost of the Diploma in Missional Leadership is approximately $2500-$2800 over two years, plus personal expenses (travel, accommodation, food, etc.)
  • Some congregations or other denominational bodies will sponsor or assist with your fees and expenses. Please make your own inquiries to these groups.
  • A needs-based bursary of $1200 is available to Diploma participants who serve with The United Church of Canada, thanks to a grant from the United Church of Canada Foundation.

More Information and Registration