Student Testimonials

Graduate Placement

Approximately two-thirds of AST graduates who are seeking work have a position in their chosen field immediately upon graduation. After six months, this number rises to 80%.

Significant Learning

Students and graduates report that studying at AST provides them with significant learning opportunities:

  • “AST gave me confidence in myself as a leader.”
  • “I noticed a big change from when I started to when I graduated in my ability to engage theological material critically.”
  • “The greatest strength of AST ... is preparing priests and ministers for the pastoral challenges we may face.”
  • “The ecumenical character of AST is a significant aspect that can nourish healthy interreligious dialogue, bridging time and tradition.”
  • “I obtained valuable skills I carried forward into ministry.”
  • “Many times I was forced through my learning experiences to work outside my comfort zone and this proved to be invaluable for ministerial and public leadership.”
  • “I have learned amazing things from amazing faculty.”
  • “The AST experience has made me more loving and more hopeful.”