Pine Hill Divinity Hall

Fellowship: Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship

Pine Hill Divinity Hall, in conjunction with the United Church Faculty Group of Atlantic School of Theology, offers a fellowship once every three years to assist United Church of Canada graduates of Atlantic School of Theology or Pine Hill Divinity Hall in pursuing advanced, post-graduate theological studies. This fellowship is known as the Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship.

Print version of the information that appears below: Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship (pdf)

The Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship

The recipient of the PHAA Scholarship will also receive the Campbell-Carmichael award. The award’s combined value is $7,500 (Canadian), which is awarded equally over three years.

Applications are invited through the office of the Board of Governors of Pine Hill Divinity Hall. The AST United Church Faculty Group and the Bursary committee of Pine Hill Divinity Hall will screen and assess the applications.

Please include the following in your application:

  • Name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Confirmation of acceptance into a Postgraduate theological program.
  • What is your purpose for seeking further education? 
  • How do you expect your study to benefit yourself and your area of ministry and the wider church?
  • Please state briefly any other information pertinent to your application.
  • Please indicate how you heard of the Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship.

Application Deadline: February 1 (Recipient announcements are made in March)

Applications should be submitted to:


Brenda Munro
Executive Director to the Board of Governors
Pine Hill Divinity Hall
Phone: 902-423-3158