Pine Hill Divinity Hall

Funding: Financial Assistance for United Church of Canada Students

The Board of Governors of Pine Hill Divinity Hall, through the General Bursary Endowment Fund, gives assistance to United Church of Canada students preparing for ministry.

The Bursary Endowment Fund has been accumulated through the years as a result of gifts from those interested in the support of training for Christian ministry as well as memorial donations from friends and relatives of clergy and laity who wished to honour those who have faithfully served God and the Church. A complete record of such gifts and memorials is maintained by the Board of Governors of Pine Hill Divinity Hall.

The Bursary Endowment Fund is supplemented by the General Endowment Fund, as required, to meet increased costs and opportunities.

Financial support is offered to help students pursue ordained, diaconal, or lay ministries, as well as alumni who are seeking advanced or continuing education opportunities. There is also limited support available for United Church members to explore the possibilities of various types of ministry in the United Church.

Pine Hill Bursaries

1. Prospective students

2. Current AST Students

3. Alumni

AST Financial Assistance

In addition to Pine Hill support, UCC students may also be able to access financial aid through AST's needs-based bursaries, as outlined on the AST Financial Assistance page.

For more information on Pine Hill Divinity Hall, please contact:


Brenda Munro
Executive Director to the Board of Governors
Pine Hill Divinity Hall
Phone: 902-423-3158