AST Student Union Members

Michelle Robichaud
 SU President



 Stacey Mortson
 Vice President - Finance

Rhonda Schofield,
Vice-President - Administration                               
Dawn-Lea Greer
Vice-President – Community (Residential)                              

 Sarah Beynon Giles
 co-Vice-President – Community
 (Summer Distance)

Carolin MacMillan
co-Vice-President – Community
(Summer Distance)
   Jesse Crabtree,
   Member at Large


AST Student Union represents the needs and concerns of the AST student community. Our services include the UPass and medical + dental insurance. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact us at


Meet the members 

Michelle Robichaud, President (She/her)

Michelle is a Summer Distance student in 3rd year and a candidate for ordination in the United Church of Canada. She has one son, two dogs, and a massive Guinea pig. Her superpower is to be able to work MS Word at an advanced level. Feel free to ask her about anything MS Word-related.

Stacey Mortson, Vice-President - Finance

Stacey is also a Summer Distance student in 3rd year and a candidate for ordination in the United Church. She has two grown sons and a super supportive spouse. She is loving the AST experience through this “second act” and reminds students to stay physically fit during their studies. 

Rhonda Schofield, Vice-President - Administration

Rhonda is a third year residential MDiv student and is a candidate for ordained ministry in the United Church of Canada. Currently residing in Dartmouth with her furry feline companion Susan, Rhonda enjoys all things literature with a particular fondness for Canadian Literature. When her nose isn’t in a book, Rhonda can often be found outside communing with The Holy in nature.  

Dawn-Lea Greer, Vice-President – Community (Residential)

Dawn-Lea is a second year, Anglican Seminary MDiv student. Dawn-Lea has grown to love AST as much as possible. She is the Sexual Violence Prevention initiative (SVPI) student assistant and Student governor on the Board of Governors.  She cares deeply for the campus and who is on it. She is known for Being the kind of person who others want to open up to. 

Sarah Beynon Giles and Carolin MacMillan, co-Vice-Presidents – Community (Summer Distance)

Sarah lives in rural Saskatchewan with her spouse and three children. She feels as though her homelife is one top hat short of a full-blown circus! When she's not under the big top, Sarah is privileged to work with and for a three-point charge who nurtures her learning experience and appreciates a ministry filled with humour and frenetic energy. Sarah appreciates AST's pastoral approach to teaching and nurturing their students and openly acknowledges that she has been the beneficiary of much grace through her studies thus far. 

Carolin is a Summer Distance student in 2nd year and is a candidate for ordination in the United Church of Canada. She has 7 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 dogs. She enjoys machine embroidery and has a love for technology. She is always available to answer tech questions. 

Jessie Crabtree, Member at Large (she/her) 

Jessie is a second year M.Div. student. She is a Member in Discernment with the Cumberland Association of the United Church of Christ in Maine, and is living in Halifax for the duration of her studies. Before coming to AST, Jessie worked as a church secretary, as a chocolatier, and as a coordinator for her local adult education program. When not studying, she enjoys reading genre fiction, building legos with her kids, and exploring this beautiful province.

Students Helping Students

If you would like to donate to the virtual food bank for fellow AST students. Please click here:

Academic Accommodations

AST recognizes the need for students to self-identify and to discuss any learning or accessibility challenges.

Please refer to the Learning Challenges and Other Special Needs section on page 65 of the Academic Calendar 2022-2023. This section describes how students and the university can work together to ensure academic success. (The Academic Calendar can be found on our Academic Resources Page).


Student Consultation Framework 2020-2025