Certificate in Stewardship

Stewardship involves the whole self, and our total response to the many blessings we have received. It is about far more than fundraising. It is about leading a full and authentic human life!

AST’s Certificate in Stewardship (the only one of its kind) provides a robust introduction to 7 dimensions of Stewardship: Time, Talent, Trust, Treasure, Terrain, Theology, and Thanks. It is focused on how you, as a learner, can grow in your self-understanding as a steward, then share your learning with others.

The teaching team for this 7-part program includes Anglican, Buddhist, Lutheran, Mennonite, Roman Catholic, and United Church of Canada instructors.

Who is This For?

AST’s Certificate in Stewardship is available to anyone. People who work or volunteer in the charitable sector, non-profits, university, government, education, church, and other fields will benefit, as well as anyone who would simply like to do some learning and personal growth. As long as you have Internet access and a device that allows you to open a document, watch videos, and prepare a short final assignment, you can take this program.

Course Delivery: Entirely Online OR In-Person in a local setting

The seven modules of the Certificate in Stewardship can be taken in one of the following ways:

  • As an Individual. Learn at your own pace. You could complete the program over several weeks, in a weekend, or over the course of a week. It’s up to you. When you enroll, you will receive a workbook that will tell you clearly how to access all the learning materials.
  • As Part of the AST Stewardship Cohort. Over the course of 7 weeks in Winter 2025, join with other learners and a facilitator to go through the 7 modules, one per week, “live” in real time over the Internet. When you enroll, you will receive a workbook that will tell you clearly how to access all the learning materials. The start date, day of the week, and facilitator of the AST Stewardship Cohort will be identified in September.
  • As Part of a Local Learning Group. Organize a group in your local area to learn together. You will need a designated leader to register and organize the group. The designated learner could be a manager, minister, priest, or volunteer with strong group facilitation skills. Note: Local Learning Groups are self-directed without instructional support from AST.

Certificate in Stewardship Program Structure and Timeline

You may start the Certificate in Stewardship at any time as an Individual Learner. There is no set time limit for completing the Certificate, but a maximum of four months is recommended.

Those in the AST Cohort will start the program in Winter 2025 (date to be confirmed) and continue together for 7 weeks.

Local Learning Groups may be organized and start at any time, according to the timeframe determined by the designated leader.

The seven program components of this Certificate are Time, Talent, Trust, Treasure, Terrain, Theology, and Thanks. For each component, there is a module that includes:

  • Pre-recorded video teaching materials (one hour per module)
  • A list of recommended materials for further learning
  • Reflection questions (or discussion questions for group settings)
  • A final integrative assignment (written or video)

Your final assignment must be submitted to AST to receive the Certificate. The assignment is graded on a Pass/Fail basis, and you will receive constructive feedback. If the final assignment is submitted before April 1, you will receive your Certificate at AST’s Annual Spring Convocation. If you are unable to attend Convocation, your Certificate will be mailed to you.

The total time investment to complete the Certificate in Stewardship is approximately 30 hours. However, learners may progress as varying rates.

Admissions Requirements

  • Anyone is welcome to enrol in the Certificate in Stewardship. AST recommends a minimum age of 16 years. No prior learning credential is required.

Registration Process

To register for AST’s Certificate in Stewardship, please complete one of the following forms and submit to James Cheatley: james.cheatley@astheology.ns.ca. The appropriate fee should be paid through the AST Business Office, as explained on the application form.

Certificate in Stewardship Program Fees

  • Individual Learners: $600 per person
  • AST Stewardship Cohort Participants: $600 per person
  • Local Learning Group: $1,000 per group (individual rates do not apply) for a group of any size

Financial Aid

  • Some employers, congregations, parishes, or other denominational bodies will sponsor or assist with your fees and expenses. Please make your own inquiries to these groups.

For clarification or assistance in registering

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