Bachelor of Theology


  • AST plans to offer an undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Theology. This degree will be suitable for those who do not have a prior degree but have completed high school or equivalent.
  • The Bachelor of Theology will provide introductory studies to academic theology and the practice of ministry. After graduation, this can lead to a position in ministry, further studies, or employment in another sector, such as non-profits and charities.
  • The Bachelor of Theology degree will be available subject to the approval of the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission. 
  • You may apply by completing the BTh Application Form and arranging for 3 letters of reference (Please ask your referees to use this form: BTh Letter of Reference). 
  • If your application to the BTh program is successful, you will be admitted as a Special Student (Undergraduate) until AST's application to the MPHEC is approved. 
  • For more information about the BTh program, please contact Lydia Hood, our Recruitment Coordinator:
    Tel: 902-430-7662